Unanimous Decision by FCC to Use TV White Spaces

September 23, 2010
Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held its open commission meeting in Washington, DC, with the decision to authorize the usage of TV White Spaces at the top of their agenda. After two years of discussions, the FCC unanimously voted to approve the use of this unlicensed spectrum, the unused TV broadcast channels made available by the transition from Analog to Digital TV last year. 
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Spectrum Bridge Success Stories
  In partnership with Tier 1 manufacturers and software companies, Spectrum Bridge has deployed a number of trial networks validating the technology, showcasing practical applications and highlighting Spectrum Bridge's products. 
  • Logan, Ohio - Delivering Enhanced Broadband Access and Telemedicine applications to Healthcare providers (Read More) 
  • Plumas, California - Providing Alternative, Cost Effective Solution to Utility (Read More)
  • Wilmington, North Carolina -  Deployed Smart City Applications utilizing TV White Spaces (Read More)
  • Claudville, Virginia - Improving Access to High Speed Broadband (Read More)  
Spectrum Bridge is actively seeking partnerships with OEM's and SI's interested in the TV White Spaces market. 

To learn more about partnering with Spectrum Bridge, we invite you to contact us
White Spaces Webinar Series
Spectrum Bridge will be hosting the first webinar in a multi-webinar series about TV White Spaces on October 14th at 2 PM EST. 

The first webinar, Introducing TV White Spaces, will detail everything you need to know about this newly available spectrum. A few of the topics to be covered are:  
  • What are TV White Spaces? 
  • What can white spaces be used for? 
  • What is the expected timeline going forward?