August 02, 2010
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FGDLA 2.0 Launches Fall 2010

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All the best from your board of directors:

President: Phil Westfall (Dept of the Air Force),

Government Sector Vice President: Donna Parker, (Dept of the Air Force),

Higher Education Sector Vice President: Jolly Holden (American Intercontinental University),

Treasurer: Randy Palubiak (Enliten Management Group),

Chair of the Board of Advisors:
Mike Tippets (Hughes),

Chair of the Publications Committee:
Catherine Upton (B2B Media)

  To Our Membership:

This is our first general communication to our membership this year, and this eNewsletter will come quarterly to members.

  • Mark Your Calendars
  August 18 - 20
FGDLA Conference at Washington Interactive Technologies Conference 2010, Arlington, VA

August 19th
SALT's Interactive Technologies Conference, Arlington, VA
12:45-1:20PM, Thursday, Aug 19, in the FGDLA presentation room

August 26th, 2 PM FGDLA Board Meeting

Sept 2010, General Membership Conference Call Meeting

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Mr. Clarence Baker
Acting CLO/Director
Health and Human Services University

Mr. Lorenzo Rodriguez
IMI Specialist

Ms. Peggy Kenyon
Training Products Manager
US Army
  FGDLA has tapped the resources of Social Networking and web site Guru Jolly Holden. Members will discover a new FGDLA.us Website now live at http://www.fgdla.us/index.html

Watch for your LinkedIn invite to the FGDLA Group. Only members will be invited to this closed community. Connect with one another, share ideas and solutions on this LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn FGDLA Group members will gain exclusive access to learning resources and industry articles. The FGDLA LinkedIn Group will promote industry collaboration and will enhance interaction for government agencies.

Today, distance education is recognized worldwide as a vital ingredient to maintaining a strong, well-trained workforce. In the U.S., one noteworthy program that is using broadband networks and the latest audio and video technologies to provide distance learning is the Government Education and Training Network (GETN. Developed by the Government Alliance for Training and Education (GATES), GETN is a network of Federal agencies that use a common satellite carrier for an interoperable, interactive network that enables agencies to share distance learning programs using common facilities.

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