February 18, 2011
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New Board Members Elected

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All the best from your board of directors:

President: Phil Westfall (Dept of the Air Force),

Government Sector Vice President: William Thimmesch, Progarma Manager, ATF Leadership Institute, U.S. Dept of Justice

Higher Education Sector Vice President: Jolly Holden (American Intercontinental University),

Treasurer: Randy Palubiak (Enliten Management Group),

Chair of the Board of Advisors: Mike Tippets (Hughes),

Chair of the Publications Committee: Catherine Upton (B2B Media)

  To Our Membership:

Welcome to FGDLA quarterly newsletter. This is our general communication to our membership. Your submissions are welcome; e-mail to fgdla@b2bmediaco.com

    New Board Members Elected

The 2011 board has been elected. Balloting closed in January. Please welcome new board members:

Vice President Government
William Thimmesch
Program Manager, ATF Leadership Institute, U.S. Dept of Justice

Senior Vice President
Alex Autry, Air University, Depart of Air Force

Current Board Members:
President: Phil Westfall Dept of Air Force
Chairman Advisory Board: Mike Tippets, Hughes
Vice President, Higher Ed: Jolly Holden American Intercontinental University
Treasurer: Randy Palubiak, Enliten Mgt Group

    Mark Your Calendars
General Membership Meeting TBD
(call-in information will be sent under seperate cover)

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March, 22 2011
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Edith Brumskill
Dept. of Defense

Cynthia Caltagirone
Dept of Justice

Sean McAlister
Dept. of Commerce

Barbara Lunde
FAA/ Dept. of Transportation

Todd Petit
Dept. of the Air Force

Robert Gulledge
Dept. of the Army

Anthony Surbeck
Dept of Homeland Security

Tom Kim
OneTouch Systems
(Premium sponsor category)

Christine Wessels
(exceptional membership category)

    Where are they now
  GA Redding, Senior Policy Advisor, Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA).

GA is the 2011 United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) Hall of Fame inductee, and is a 2009 FGDLA Hall of Fame inductee. He has been a staunch supporter of the FGDLA for the past 17 years, and a FGDLA member for over a decade. His contributions to distance learning in the Federal Government for the past 2 decades have been immeasurable, as evidenced by his selection into the USDLA Hall of Fame. Congratulations to GA for his long overdue and well deserved induction!

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