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June 13, 2011
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Simplify the complexity with Raptivity!
Build workflows and processes easily with Raptivity's unique rapid interactivity building model. You can build complex visuals, flow diagrams and software simulations using Raptivity Standard Pack 3. The pack allows you to describe through simulations and create representations of cyclical systems and diagrams. Contact us for the personalized demo on how to use Standard Pack 3 to create complex interactions quickly for your eLearning content. Set up a personalized demo now!

Use Multimedia Learning to Improve Effectiveness
It has been widely documented that effective learning occurs in many different ways - from listening to words, reading text, viewing images both still and animated as well as social interactions. With multimedia learning, you can leverage "rich media" that combines several "learning modalities" into one integrated experience and is proven to enrich your learning environment.

To learn more, download the complimentary white paper The Ideal Learning Management System for Multimedia Learning by Gary Woodill, Ed.D., Senior Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.

Latest News

• P.M. Loves Informal Learning
Informal learning is one of the most important trends in project management (P.M.)., based on the popularity of communities of practice, social media, wikis, blogs, videos and podcasts. Some other trends... >>

• Crowdsourcing Builds Engagement
Social media has made it easier for companies to experiment with crowdsourcing (asking customers for opinions and ideas on how to tackle certain issues). According to a recent study, 38% of respondents said the primary value of social media to corporate social responsibility (C.S.R.) programs is the opportunity to reach broad and diverse audiences... >>

Web Seminar Series

• First Look: E-learning Trends & Practices Study 2011
June 22nd, 10:00 AM PT

In this complimentary session, you will learn: The top priorities in learning and development; how future practices benchmark to 2010; which technologies enterprises are investing in and why; how private and public sector behaviors compare; what's new in learning and development investments. Register for this free session... >>

• Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms
July 13th, 11:00 AM PT

Attend the live webinar to learn how to: Follow a design approach called SOLID to transition the training experience from in-person to online. Build an internal team that can effectively manage and launch your virtual training program. Provide a high-quality, highly-engaging training experience online. Register for this free session... >>

Moving The Needle: How Learning Impacts Performance
The Value of Training to Organizations

In 2010 KnowledgeAdvisors conducted an independent study that would address the value of SkillSoft training to organizations. Some of the key findings include:

>> High applicability: SkillSoft learning easily integrates into the flow of work, and outperforms the industry when it comes to applicability.

>> Business impact: Learners feel SkillSoft training impacts critical areas of business, with productivity and quality topping the list.


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