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May 21, 2013
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Corporate Clients Share their Best Practices with Online Learning
Enterprise partners reveal how their relationship with eCornell adds value to their Training and Development programs. Watch videos, read testimonials and learn more about how groups ranging from not-for-profits to government agencies to NGOs and Fortune 500 Corporations leverage Cornell University content in their L&D programs. Whether your goal is to build a leadership pipeline, develop mid-level managers, prepare aspiring managers for their future roles, establish a world-class HR community, or develop high-potentials in key growth markets-eCornell has proven, global solutions that you can tailor to meet the specific challenges facing your organization.


Four Bad Leader Behaviors That Hurt Organizations
Here are four increasingly prevalent and damaging behaviors:

>> The unethical boss: This appalls employees. As such, it's a powerful demotivater.

>> The unfair boss: Our current societal efforts to treat people equally have led to confusion among some leaders about "equality" versus "fairness" in the workplace.

>> The buddy boss: Bosses can never be buddies with their employees.

>> The disorganized boss: Workplaces are filled with employees who lack direction because disorganized leaders don't deliver and manage plans and strategies to guide their teams.


Latest News

• How About Rewards for E-learners?
Should learning be extrinsically rewarded? If so, how? Many have agreed that learning is its own reward - but most employees are happy to be acknowledged or rewarded for their accomplishments...>>

• Can Recent College Grads Negotiate Job Offers?
In a new study, nearly half of employers reported they would pay recent college graduates $30,000 to $49,999 this year, and 25 percent reported they would pay $50,000 or more... >>

Web Seminar Series

• E-Learning Fundamentals Webinar
Date: May 23rd  Time: 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET

Learn how to get started, how media options impact costs, storyboarding, project scoping, and many other topics that will help you get started on developing great e-learning courses. Register for this free session... >>

• Learning Engagement Strategies: An Introduction to Gamification
Date: June 6th  Time: 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET

See how gamification is driving enterprises to add game dynamics and mechanics into their learning programs. Register for this free session... >>

The Keys to Rapid Authoring

There's a lot more to the term "authoring tool" - even "rapid authoring tool" - than you might imagine.

For one thing, there are four basic types of these tools: >> PowerPoint plugin - which use PowerPoint as the authoring environment but allows you to add interactivity and assessments, and then publish your content in a form that can be tracked via a learning management system (LMS).


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