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September 29, 2011
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New Snap! by Lectora A Rapid e-Learning Sensation!
The e-Learning community continues to exchange positive experiences, tips and tricks for the revolutionary PowerPoint to Flash rapid e-Learning tool, Snap! by Lectora. Amy Gerrard (@Infomatiks) Tweets, "I've just tried out 'Snap' and I'm impressed by the product. You've got a winner here! [I like] the integrated quiz feature for instant module assessment. Excellent value against Articulate."

Check out all of the buzz surrounding the $99 PowerPoint to Flash software at the Rapid eLearning Round-up Blog.

Branching Made Easy with Snap! by Lectora
As one of the most talked about features of the new Snap! by Lectora 1.1 release, Branching enables you to quickly and easily create non-linear courses and determine how you would like your audience to navigate through your content. Customize your e-Learning courses based on learner progress, answers to questions and more - all for only $99.

Learn how easy it is to tailor your Snap! by Lectora courses with Branching right from the latest Snap! by Lectora blog tutorial.

Make Easy Money When You Refer A Friend
It's simple: Refer anyone to Snap! by Lectora and you automatically get a $20 gift card for each and every purchase and your friends get 15% off of the already low $99 price - everyone wins! Want more good news? You don't even have to own Snap! by Lectora to receive the rewards and you can refer as many people as you like!

Make money and give your friends a great deal today by visiting www.SNAPbyLectora.com/Refer-A-Friend

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