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May 12, 2011
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New Report: Training Leaders That Drive Business Results

Learn how learning leaders are leveraging virtual technologies to educate partners, train customers, and actually help drive business for their organizations. In this report learn how Intuit, CA and ACS (a Xerox company) were able to quickly educate global audiences and actually drive business results. Download this report now.

Latest News 

• Survey Shows Virtual and Hybrid Events are the New Normal in Marketing, Training and Collaboration

Based on responses from more than 550 marketers nationwide the survey reveals 60 percent of respondents plan to increase spending of virtual events and environments this year and that if budgets were not an issue, 67 percent would host 10 or more virtual events in the next 12 months. Learn More.

• ACS, a Xerox Company, Creates "Virtual Benefits Fair" To Smooth The Open Enrollment Process

A virtual environment was initially created in order to better train the company's clients, however, now they are broadening the environment application, and using it to help employees in the US have better control over the open enrollment process from the comfort of their personal computer. Learn More.

Latest News 

• 10 Best Practices In Virtual Events

  1. Pick an experienced service provider.
  2. Create an event strategy and clear goals.
  3. Educate sponsors and then sell them.
  4. Provide administrative tools to make sponsors self-sufficient.
  5. Maximize attendee time at the event.
  6. Drive traffic to sponsor locations.
  7. Proactively interact live with attendees.
  8. Promote the event on-demand after the live event.
  9. Qualify and prioritize leads.
  10. Conduct an ROI analysis.

Read more.

• Virtual Environment ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to justify launching your next virtual learning event. Simply scope out your event, plug in your numbers, and the calculator does the rest. Calculate ROI Here.

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