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November 20, 2012
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Your Ivy-league Online Training Awaits
eCornell delivers Ivy-League online training programs in leadership & management, human resources, financial management, project management, marketing, healthcare and hospitality. Clients use eCornell to target key audiences to address critical business needs: build bench strength, employee engagement & retention, create a culture of innovation and align managers with strategy, business & financial acumen, turn leaders into change assets, grow a performance management culture, build empowered global teams, and establish or enhance the internal learning & development brand/culture.
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Quality Control of Online Learning
Nothing is worse than having your client find an obvious error in a program that's already been released. The troubleshooting, re-testing and scrambling to fix the problem can turn into a heart-pounding race against the clock. Not that this ever happened to me, of course, but a friend told me this can happen.
Our best defense against these high-risk scenarios is to conduct thorough and systematic quality-control (QC) reviews and testing before any deliverable is released.


Latest News

• Mobile Learning ‘on Fire'?
Mobile learning has been "on fire" in 2012 and will continue to be so in 2013, according to Craig Weiss, whose firm E-Learning 24/7 provides analyst and advisory services for consumers and vendors... >>

• Survey Says: Moodle #1
Moodle is the most popular learning management system in the world, according to a report from Capterra... >>

New Products

• LCMS: Adapting Content in Real Time
Version 10 of the eXact learning LCMS (and its client desktop application eXact learning Packager 5.0) enables contents... >>

• TOOLS: Measuring Training's Impact
The learning measurement suite in KnowledgeAdvisors' "Metrics that Matter" provides a robust and powerful set of tools to help measure the impact of your learning and training programs... >>

Xtreme Learner Engagement: There are less painful ways to engage your learners
Introducing our new speed-writing videos at The Business Source. View a sample of our speed-writing videos, and let us help you and your team grow your business knowledge. Our concise summaries let you soak up key ideas and concepts from a 300+ page business book in about 15 minutes.
We've added this engaging video format to our current downloads which include HTML, LIT, Kindle, MP3, PALM, EPUB, BLKberry, and PDF. And you can watch or listen to the summaries on your PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad, tablet, Kindle...and more.

Click Here to See Our Video and Receive Two Free Summaries

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