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January 8, 2013
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Trending in 2013: Mobile, Collaboration Ranks High

Here are some of the most popular forecasts:

Mobile vs. Desktop: The "desktop" workstation will start to be replaced by the mobile device - especially with the increasing use of tablets among consumers. And as more consumers use their mobile devices (both in and outside of the workplace), companies will spend time and resources on developing and/or improving processes designed for a smart device - particularly when it comes to recruiting, information access and learning.


Latest News

• Join America's Top Learning Organizations
The Learning! 100 honor organizations of all sizes that embrace learning culture and technologies to achieve exceptional performance. Let us honor you and your team's excellence in the Learning! 100 Awards program. Apply now... >>

• Mobile Devices: Platform of Choice
"Mobiles will become the platform of choice for workplace learning delivery (or learning/knowledge management system access)"... >>

• Top 10 Most Influential People in E-learning
Now in its fourth year, a list of the top 10 most influential people in the corporate e-learning... >>


• Manage All Compliance
Qumas and NetDimensions have formed an innovative partnership that enables organizations to manage all of their compliance and training requirements via an integrated compliance solution...>>

• Into Solvenia
SRC is a valuable recent addition to Totara Learning Solutions' growing list of partners... >>

New Products

• TOOLS: Portal Integrates Apps
OpenERP 7.0 has been completely redesigned to feature a stunning user interface, a full-featured library of open-source business apps, an out-of-the-box use with no prior configuration... >>

• WEB 2.0: Rating Work Skills
Skillrater.com, an online social network that launched last month, makes it easy for members to request work performance ratings from overseers, co-workers and direct reports across a domestic and global workforce... >>


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‘BYOD' Popular, But Security is an Issue

I.T. managers believe that the challenge of security is the most important issue for enterprises whose employees are using mobile devices, according to a November survey conducted by the Enterprise Device Alliance (EDA).

I.T. managers were asked whether their organization had set some limitations on corporate "tablet" use. They responded that security is their top concern...


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• Trending in 2013: Mobile, Collaboration Ranks High
• Join America's Top Learning Organizations

• Mobile Devices: Platform of Choice

• TOOLS: Portal Integrates Apps
• WEB 2.0: Rating Work Skills
• Manage All Compliance
• Into Solvenia
• ‘BYOD' Popular, But Security is an Issue

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