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February 21, 2012
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Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & Insights
This report explores the trends going on with virtual learning environments and why and how companies are integrating these platforms into their learning mix. Download Report Now.

Discover the power of HTML5 Interactions
Start building engaging mLearning content with 15+ interactions library supported by Raptivity HTML5 Bundle. It offers instructionally sound interactions which can be published in SWF as well as HTML5 in a single click. Select from interactions such as Flip Book, Panning Cards, Hub and Spokes, Buildup and Rollover, Ladder Steps and more... Seamlessly create interactive learning content for both eLearning and mLearning environments.

Latest News

• Efficiency at Work: How Leaders Should Manage Teams
Leaders can be better prepared for certain issues through effective leadership and management training... >>

• P.M. Trends for 2012
Read the top 10 trends affecting project management this year... >>

• Assima Buys Kaplan
Assima PLC has acquired Kaplan Learning Technologies from Kaplan, Inc... >>

New Products

• CONTENT: For Mobile App Security
ThreadStrong from Denim Group provides quality instructional experience for users in a self-paced format... >>

• CONTENT: Technician Courses Updated
Jones/NCTI has updated two more courses that are part of its Master Technician Certification series... >>

Mobile Learning Trends and Insights
In 2012, there will be more mobile devices than population on the planet. The proliferation of tablets and smartphones within the enterprise offers you an opportunity to drive content to your learners anytime and anywhere. Whether it is a learning nugget or performance support, you now have instant access to learners and partners.

Join Gary Woodill, i5 CEO and author of "The Mobile Learning Edge: Tools & Technologies for Developing Your Teams," at the Enterprise Learning! Summit as he provides advice, examples and recommendations for use of tablets in learning.
Register for the Mobile Learning Workshop and 2 Day Conference Pass to receive a 4.0 OS Android Tablet >>

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