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August 3, 2011
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Introducing Snap! by Lectora® Rapid e-Learning Software
Snap! by Lectora rapid e-Learning software enters the ring at a lower price, with more to love. For only $99, create engaging Flash content in minutes. Easily create stunning courses, presentations, and fun Flash content. At only $99, Snap! by Lectora enables anyone to join the e-Learning community with ease.

Developed by the makers of Lectora, you know you're getting a good product. Get your free 30-day trial today at www.SnapByLectora.com

Snap! by Lectora Just Got Even Better - Announcing New Features
Snap! by Lectora continues to make waves in the rapid e-Learning world with new and improved features that take your content creation capabilities to a whole new level. The latest release enables you to create interactive PowerPoint presentations and engaging courses with helpful new features such as easy branching options, additional page transitions and effects, enhanced publishing options and more.

Test drive Snap! by Lectora 1.1 today at www.SnapByLectora.com/freetrial

Compare Snap! by Lectora to the Other Guys
At only $99 for Snap! by Lectora, why would you spend $999 for Articulate® or any other rapid e-Learning software? Remarkable rapid e-Learning is no longer reserved for the experts or those with deep pockets. Now, anyone can enter the e-Learning market for only $99. So why do the other guys charge ten times more? That's a good question!

Compare Snap! by Lectora to the other guys at www.SnapByLectora.com/Compare

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• Receive a $20 gift card when you refer friends to Snap! by Lectora
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• Host courses and presentations free on Snap! Channel and Snap! Live
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