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January 25, 2011
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Learning Trends Report

New Horizons: Virtual Learning Environments
A white paper from the editors of Elearning Media Group

Virtual learning environments are one of the fastest growing solutions for learning. Is your company missing a giant trend? Learn what a Virtual Learning Environment is and how it's different than a traditional virtual classroom. Hear why leading organizations are integrating Virtual Learning Environments into their training strategies. Download Elearning! Report Now.

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Latest News 

• CA Educates 2,000 Partners In A Rich & Collaborative Environment

Learn how this technology leader launched new product virtually in 16 languages across 81 countries. Learn More.

• Intuit Builds Community With Virtual Learning Environment

Learn how the makers of software blockbusters like QuickBooks, was able to train thousands of customers, provide continuing professional education (CPE) credits, as well as bring in additional revenue for the organization. Learn More.

Latest News 

• Brandon Hall Award Winner

Pharmacy services leader MedCo wins Brandon Hall award for virtual learning environment. The environment - which served more than 800 people and incorporated online learning, live chat, discussion forums, immersive rooms and downloadable collateral, as well as live and on-demand sessions - saved Medco more than one million dollars without sacrificing effectiveness. Read more.

• Virtual Environment ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to justify launching your next virtual learning event. Simply scope out your event, plug in your numbers, and the calculator does the rest. Calculate ROI Here.

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