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December 15, 2009
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Learning Trends for Management Talent

Technology Solutions Are Becoming an Essential Part of the Whole Process of Developing Managers

In many organizations today, managers are the front line of business and talent management. These critical individuals are responsible for ensuring that their teams are engaged; for coaching, mentoring and providing feedback; and for evaluating performance, and ensuring compliance with training or other requirements. And at the same time, they must ensure that all of these efforts result in improved business performance, as well as be able to shift the focus and efforts of their team on a moment's notice in order to respond to new challenges.


Closing Gap Between Workers' Skills and Employers' Needs
With a widening gap between employers' demands for more skilled workers and workers' skills, there is an urgent need to grow a better educated and trained workforce, according to recommendations from The Springboard Project. The recommendations highlight specific public policy changes and business-led initiatives to overcome obstacles that thwart workers' prosperity and threaten U.S. competitiveness.

Latest News

• Software: Buyer Beware
One of the problems with e-learning is that having a finished software module running smoothly on your LMS doesn't guarantee that you can update it... >>

• No Holding Back Self-Paced E-learning
The U.S. market for self-paced e-learning will grow to $23.8 billion by 2014... >>

• Music As Motivator?
An audio track can sometimes contribute to a truly immersive e-learning experience ... >>

New Products

• WEB 2.0: Broad Feature Set, Powerful Analytics
OmniSocial is a new software solution that enables organizations to connect, communicate, collaborate, and attain greater business value... >>

• LMS: MB ThinkBox Earns Honors
CPP's latest on-demand learningWeb portal, the Myers-Briggs ThinkBox, has been selected as one of Human Resource Executive magazine's "Top E-learning/ Training Products" of 2009... >>

• TOOLS: Time-Saving Searches
Knowledge workers spend on average 30 minutes a day searching, with 40% of the searches not providing their desired results... >>

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