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June 16, 2009
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Best Practices: Performance Management

How can your learning organization drive employee performance across your organization?

Join us for this complimentary web seminar on Thursday, July 16th at 8:45 AM.  Discover how KPMG developed performance curriculum and measurement analytics to achieve higher performance across the enterprise.

Hosted by Bersin & Associates, you will hear directly from KPMG's Heather C. Maitre, Director, Technology Based Learning and Performance Measurement Group, John R Mattox, Associate Director, Performance Measurement Group and Michele A Graham, Manager, Performance Measurement Group.

The team will share how:

  • KPMG international network of independent member firms created the Performance Management Group to maximize ROI of its learning and development initiative
  • The Group implemented an enterprise-wide measurement technology structure and analytic methodologies.
  • A rigorous measurement curriculum was created to support learning managers as they use the new tools and methods.
  • These efforts, guided by the organization leadership, help generative clear increase in productivity, efficiency and time to competence.

Register for this complimentary session today.


Collaborative Leverage in E-Learning

With many large businesses becoming decentralized over the last decade, the ability to collaborate across time and space is even more critical. Collaboration only can really have value in the context of a specific process. Collaboration is a behavior, not a technology, and there are various communication and coordination technologies that enable collaboration behaviors. When those behaviors occur within critical business processes and are applied appropriately, they can result in significant productivity gains.


New Products

• TOOLS: Healthier Culture with Web-based Training
You can communicate key messages about flexibility to managers and staff with five any-time-anywhere, fully customizable e-courses from WFC Resources... >>

• TOOLS: Helping Manage Enterprise Business Apps
RWD uBenchmark 2.10 is a performance monitoring and management application that aggregates end user interactions with business applications... >>

• LMS: Benefitting Human Resource, Training Pros
Learn.com has deployed the latest release of its LearnCenter platform... >>

New Products

• TOOLS: PowerFlash Plus Converts Courses
Dual Code Inc., a leading developer of custom, SCORM-compliant e-learning solutions, released PowerFlash Plus e-earning service... >>

• WEB 2.0: This Courseware Structures Games
Adayana's Gameware combines the structured learning approach of Web-based courseware with focused job performance gaming elements... >>

• TOOLS: Securely Share Confidential Files
WatchDox is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables the confidential sharing of important or sensitive documents in an easy and secure way... >>

Editor's Picks from ASTD '09

This year's ASTD show was considerably smaller than last year. But, there was a motivated group in attendance, and a some newproducts peaked our interest. 

Social Learning at Play in Pearson's Critical Thinking E-learning Portal.  At Pearson, we previewed a new online module on Critical Thinking. It is an inventive module hosting video snippets, talk show style video and scenarios. What made it stand out was the incorporation of a social learning portal. Each learner creates a Facebook like page of peers, coaches and mentors. The postings and dialogue provides a creative method of leveraging a newer informal tool to enhance the learning experience. Watch for it in 4th quarter of 2009.

Innovative Authoring at PerformTech.
This company is known for its custom content development, but the authoring tool behind the scene is very inventive. It reminds us of computer programming flow charts, allowing you to map the learning content path with a click of the button. Inserting questions, remediation steps was as simple as a drag and drop. If you haven't seen it, call them for a demo.

GoToTraining arrives from Citrix Online.
While Cisco Webex was noticeably absent at this annual event, a new entrant in the virtual training center has emerged - GoToTraining by Citrix Online.  With more than 50% of all training hours now being hosted via online, blended or virtual classrooms, GoToTraining has entered the market at a great time. They are in beta testing now, (accepting companies) and hope to launch in August 2009. Keep your eyes out for them!


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