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September 20, 2011
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Find Out How to Measure On-Demand Learning in Your Organization
Gain insight into the practical, actionable methods being used by today's top L&D professionals. Learn and discover the latest in measurement methodologies that L&D professionals can implement in their own learning environment with the Safari Books Online report.
Based on recent research by Bersin & Associates, this paper presents best practices and leading-edge methods for:
  • Measuring on-demand learning
  • Evaluating digital libraries
  • Showing ROI for on-demand content

Read the Bersin & Associates Report here

Re-designing Enterprise Learning: How Technologists are Changing Your Future
Industry Change Agents Speak at ELCE

This power panel is made up of CEO's and senior executives from the social networking and gaming communities, as well as early adopters from the world of education. The question we will be putting to each of them is "Knowing what you've learned in your world, how would you re-design enterprise education?"

This panel re-examines our existing educational paradigms, as well as helps us discover how our own learning programs can benefit from the tips and techniques engineered into these social platforms.

Click here to attend virtually
Click here to attend on-site

Latest News

• L&D Professionals Must Re-Assess
Workplace learning expert Laura Overton has appealed to learning and development (L&D) professionals to re-assess current orthodoxies and seize opportunities for learners to connect, share and communicate with each other... >>

• See The Best of Elearning! at Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo
For the first time, the Best of Elearning! will be named at an awards luncheon at ELCE and featured in conference programming. At one event, attendees can view sessions and shop the best of: Learning and Talent Systems, Content & Authoring Solutions, Engagement Tools, Virtual Learning Environments, and Development Tools... >>

Web Seminar Series

• Web 3.0: Predictions for Learning

Date: September 28th, 2011 Time: 8:00 AM PT/ 11:00 AM ET

Is Web 3.0 Fact of Fiction? Semantic web, predictive web, augmented reality. It goes by different names. What is it and how will it impact enterprise learning? In this session, these analysts share findings from two key HR and Training audiences. Register for this session... >>

• Moving to the Virtual Classroom: A Trainer's Roadmap to Success

Date: October 5th, 2011 Time: 11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET

Have you been asked to deliver virtual training but aren't sure where to start? That's normal - preparing for a virtual training is a lot different than prepping for one that's happening a few feet away. Register for this free session... >>

3-D Virtual Worlds: The Next Training Frontier
Research Ramps Up to Define Value Beyond Gaming, Into the Learning Realm

Three-dimensional immersive environments, such as VirtualWorlds (VWs), are a pioneering technology. The world's information network is making a shift from a two-dimensional, text-based, language dependent, asynchronous infrastructure to a three-dimensional, real-time, geospatial, experience-based and interactive one. This change is perceived to be as disruptive and transformative as the emergence of the Internet in the early 1990s.


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