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July 19, 2011
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Go Beyond Templatized Interactions!
Now you can create your interactions using more flexible and extensible features from just launched version 6.5! Extend the learning interactions to add your own media such as videos, images, buttons, hyperlinks etc. Publish them on Flash supported mobile devices. Go beyond templatized version to create complex interactions without programming! Click here to learn more.

Find Out How to Measure On-Demand Learning in Your Organization
Gain insight into the practical, actionable methods being used by today's top L&D professionals. Learn and discover the latest in measurement methodologies that L&D professionals can implement in their own learning environment with this Safari Books Online webcast.
Based on recent research by Bersin & Associates, this webcast presents best practices and leading-edge methods for:
  • Measuring on-demand learning
  • Evaluating digital libraries
  • Showing ROI for on-demand content
  • Determining the value of alternative forms of learning
Watch the Bersin & Associates Webcast Here

Latest News

• Elearning! Opens Nominations for Best of Elearning! 2011 Awards
Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines have expanded its Best of Elearning! Awards for 2011. This year, the Best of Elearning! Awards program hosts two distinct ballots for the public sector and corporate sector reader. Plus, executives can nominate vendors across more categories... >>

• Learners Disdain Reimbursement
A new survey indicates that two-thirds of prospective online learners who work full-time are not taking advantage of workplace tuition reimbursement programs available to them... >>

• Reducing Worry and Stress
Chris Alexander of Synergy Executive Education knows of 10 steps you can take to relieve everyday worry and stress... >>

New Products

• TOOLS: Deliver Rich, Interactive E-Learning
Cisco WebEx Training Center now has high-quality (HQ) video. The retooled product also offers a more natural class environment with dynamic face-to-face interaction and a streamlined the user interface... >>

• TOOLS: Training on Smartphones
Meridian Knowledge Solutions, LLC, has developed a mobile profile for its Meridian Global Learning Management System (LMS) so businesspeople can launch and track training courses from smartphones, including Droid, iPhone and Blackberry... >>

• TOOLS: New Business Mobile Application
AHG, Inc., has made Cloud Note available to the Android market, Amazon Appstore and through www.cloudnote.net... >>

The Challenges of Sharepoint Collaboration
SharePoint architecture, which is not inherently collaborative, is based on a much older model of "publish and subscribe." It is very top-down and hierarchy supportive, more like a Web 1.0 (or pre-Web) application than today's Web 2.0 social applications. SharePoint is really a Web 1.0 tool more focused on content than people.

SharePoint's architecture comes from a time of "non-transparency" where security was more important than sharing. Each site can be its own mini-silo and can't see any others (based on topology and access settings); Microsoft recommends a "governance framework" to fix this. SharePoint sites are, functionally, ASP.NET 2.0Web applications that are served using IIS and an SQL server database as a data storage back-end. If you are not technical, all this means is that there are lots of I.T. guys behind the curtain making sure things work.


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